Monday, August 13, 2007

Copyrighting and Getting Started

This is as much a test of the blog as anything else. Hellooooo. Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3... Hee hee. Blogging is so much fun.

The document, "Cooperative Internet Assembly" will be posted just as soon as I have received confirmations from the parties that have received copies. Without those confirmations, I can't release the document. If you have a copy, that means YOU.

Thanks so much in advance just for being you! I'm obviously very excited about getting this show on the road. :-)


Lary said...

aloysiusGood to hear from you, and anything you can do to help preserve our freedoms and civil rights--and of course our inalienable right to play fantasy football--is good for me.

Violet said...

Hi Mark, CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so proud of you, the project is finally out there and you are on your way baby..... Violet

M.G. Meyers said...

As I now reside in VT, I am now officially IN... Green Guacamole country.

And, damned straight about preserving freedoms and civil liberties! It seems to me that the "4th House", as they call it, that being the press, isn't giving me the kind of satisfaction I get through other (nontraditional) channels.

I also think there's a big divide between representatives and represented in this country. Our political system is failing when the people aren't digging into their own congressional reps - everybody gets 3 of those, and that's it. It's just not happening. So, why not have a democratic (public) assembly for each political office? For each politician?

And they can beef up their reputation at the networks and at the newspapers by saying that they're implementing these kinds of checks and balances as well. ;-)

Oh boy, off I go again. It's great to hear from you, Lary!

Plain_City_Packers said...

This is real Kewl!!!! What does this google account do for me???


M.G. Meyers said...

Your google account gives you the ability to post on this blog... Happy days!

The first round is done. Thanks to everybody who has contacted me.

I've also started to consider a discussion forum, since it seems more tailored to browsing discussion points. Well, I'm having thoughts about using categories of discussion forums as well.

Later -